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Facts About Carpet Fleas

There is no doubt carpet fleas are extremely pesky little creatures (especially for your animals). Not only are they horrible creatures, they are also quick to replicate. When you think you have one...hundreds are actually within your carpet. In fact, fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day, either in your animal’s hair or within your carpet. Imagine the amount of eggs trapped within each of these locations.

Fleas are everywhere, from every yard to every wild animal running around. They can come in your home either by hopping on your clothes or from your pets. Flea treatments for animals are your first step if you are having a problem with carpet flea infestations. Fleas are parasites, which means they cannot live without an animal host. Fleas develop from their larvae and their size is normally between 1.5 to 3.3 mm. Fleas can jump about 200 times their own body length, making them one of the best jumpers of all animals and insects.

They are a terrible nuisance for their hosts as they bite into their skin for their warm blood, which causes itching on the host’s body, making things extremely irritating for the animal. Many people and animals can develop an allergic reaction to the bite, creating clusters of inflamed blisters surrounded by a rash from the bite site that can stay on the victim for several weeks. Therefore, you should talk to your vet to learn your options for flea control on the dog and in your carpet.

There are five different species of fleas:

Fleas are terribly disgusting parasites and carry a number of diseases for people such as:

For dogs, fleas carry the following diseases:

It is extremely important to get rid of those annoying parasites. Not only are they annoying, they can be embarrassing. If you have friends or family members over, you wouldn't want them to get bitten by fleas. If you have fleas in your carpet, you may also have them in every other fabric you have in your living room.

To get rid of those pesky little things, the following is a list that you can follow to help you reach your goal:

  1. Borax can be used to treat flea infestation, as it contains boric acid. Before you vacuum your rug, sprinkle some borax over it. You can purchase a box in the laundry supply isles in a grocery or department store.
  2. Vacuum your rug thoroughly: every corner, every floor. Make sure to get all your furnitures and all the places your dog lies in.
  3. As soon as you are finished, take the vacuum bag out of the vacuum, wrap it in a plastic bag and make sure to throw it away outside, as the fleas will find a way out if you don't.
  4. The following steps will help ensure their death:
  1. Machine wash all your rugs in hot water and all of your pet's bedding, and anything your dog sleeps on or near.
  2. Wait a week and repeat the process.
  3. Clean your entire house with an antibacterial cleaner (bleach, etc.).

This should work to take out all the carpet fleas and their larva. If perhaps you are still seeing fleas, give it at least a weak before you try these steps again or call a pest control expert.



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